Ingrid Schutt has been practicing homeopathy in Quebec and abroad for more than 20 years.
Ingrid Schutt has been practicing homeopathy in Quebec and abroad for more than 20 years.

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"Homeopathy exists. It must be explained by quantum physics. If we manage to cross the mental barrier, we will take medicine and science to a higher level." 
- Prof. Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, in the documentary film La Science de l'homéopathie available on Youtube.

Finally! Science is no longer powerless to explain how it works and heals.

Today, it is quantum physics that can explain why homeopathy is so powerful and effective. There is no point in wasting time looking for granule molecules under a microscope too old and outdated to grasp an energetic medicine that has been too far ahead of its time for so long. Neither stubbornly proclaim loud and clear that homeopathy is a placebo and unscientific. You will not find any chemical components under a microscope and you will miss out on a powerful energy medicine that heals deeply if you do not change the paradigm.

We must look further, in the infinitely small which belongs to quantum science that explains very well the extent of the universe of this medicine. The time has come to explore beyond the molecular framework and to focus on researchers who have been studying this physical science for many years.

Honest research into the rules of quantum science and observation of the clinical results on humans, animals and plants shows us that homeopathy not only exists, not only is very effective and powerful but is also stunning and fascinating ... and that it is worth adding to our system of medicine, as did European countries such as Switzerland, which integrated it inits national health system after a major study in 2011 revealed that homeopathy is not only effective, it also improves quality of life, reduces the recurrence of diseases and is economically efficient. It should also be noted that India has more than 450,000 homeopaths and that Cuba eradicated a leptospirosis epidemic in just two weeks with this energy medicine.

World Health Organization statistics show that it is the second most widely used unconventional medical approach worldwide and thousands of studies have proven its effectiveness over the last 200 years. You can read some of them on my website or that of the Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec (Quebec's Professional Union of Homeopaths), the only group of its kind in the province.

It is now time to dare to understand why this natural medicine has been healing people on a physical and emotional level for more than two centuries. We have wasted too much time telling people that if homeopathy is effective, it's all in their head.


As Professor Marc Henry says in a video introducing his scientific booklet on homeopathy, to claim that homeopathy is placebo is not science based, but marketing based. Henry is a researcher and professor of chemistry, materials science and quantum physics at the University of Strasbourg, where he directs the Solid State Molecular Chemistry Laboratory. "The homeopathic remedy does not heal with matter, it heals with light," says this author of the book L’eau et la physique quantique – Vers une révolution de la médecine (free translation as Water and Quantum Physics - Towards a Revolution of Medicine, Dangles, 2016). You can also view on Youtube the documentary film of the same name.

After 20 years of practice, yes, to me it seems obvious that homeopathy heals with light. I could not have said better myself, and I think no less. It is in the electromagnetic message that lies the mystery of this so efficient medicine that has been stopping epidemics for more than 200 years.

Three modern tools of technology in scientific research confirm that the homeopathic remedy does not only contain water and sugar, but traces of an initial substance:

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance

Van Wassenhoven M, et al., "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Traditional Homeopathically-Manufactured Copper (Cuprum Metallicum) and a Plant (Gelsemium Sempervirens) Medications and Controls", Homeopathy (2017)

  • Solventochromic inks

Cartwright SJ. (2016), "Solvatochromic dyes detect the presence of homeopathic potencies", Homeopathy 2016; 105: 55-65

  • Raman spectroscopy

SarkarT et al. (2015), "Vibrational and Raman spectroscopy of ultrahigh dilutions",Int J High Dilution Res. 2015;15(3): 2-10


The homeopathic remedy, consisting of revitalized potencies of a toxic substance, is in fact an electromagnetic message that still contains subtle traces of this initial substance. A microscope detects nothing and sees only water and sugar, but spectrophotometry reveals the light released in the water. So the granule does not contain only water and sugar as some researchers claim superficially, but it also electromagnetic traces of the initial substance that mimic the latter, which has been highly diluted and shaken successively to produce this homeopathic potentiation.


This electromagnetic message comes into instant contact with the electricity of the human, animal or plant, which is formed of energy, electricity and water. It stimulates its natural defense mechanisms, but only when the remedy is adequate. For it must be understood that one of the basic principles of homeopathy is similarity: the remedy must correspond to the person receiving the remedy. Let me explain the basic principles of homeopathy.


More than 200 years ago, Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist speaking 12 languages, worked over 30 years of extremely rigorous research, using the ancient knowledge of similarity principles familiar to Vedic and Ancient Greece medicines. He developed a complex and refined system of medicine he finally named homeopathy and published amongst thousands of pages of research, the Organon of the art of healing, the bible of professional homeopaths. The booklet Homeopathy by Marc Henry sums up his story well.

All of the more than 450,000 doctors who practice homeopathy worldwide know how accurate and precise this medicine is. It refuses any shortcuts and improvisations. Homeopathy is a medicine of great complexity and immutable logic. A medicine based on several rigorous laws that must be respected if you want to practice a homeopathy worthy of the name.


A toxic substance, just like its homeopathic version (successive dilutions and successions, called potentization) causes symptoms in the healthy person. If you take homeopathic arsenic unnecessarily, if you are sensitive to this medicine, it will put you into a softer, more subtle, but still fairly clear and global state of an arsenic poisoning. If, however, you suffer from an acute or chronic condition and your curious and intense symptoms are similar to those caused by arsenic, you will be cured by the homeopathic, energetic version of arsenic. These symptoms can be physical, physiological or emotional. The homeopathic version of arsenic is a great remedy for, among other things, food poisoning. How many times it saved me in India, Haiti, Nepal, Mexico ... I stopped counting. But beware, it is not the only remedy for food poisoning or stomach flu, so your best bet is to consult a professional homeopath, who knows how to recognize the remedy that suits you best. But on my website you can discover a great variety of emergency and first aid remedies that will quickly become your best friends on the road, at sport, at home…


Homeopathy takes into account the totality of people's symptoms to find the remedy that suits them best. For example, if you consult for a skin disorder, the homeopath will also consider what is globally out of balance. Your digestion, sleep, body temperature and perspiration, chilliness, emotional sensitivity, physical, toxic or perhaps emotional stress that caused the onset of the skin disorder. This globality is essential to recognize the adequate remedy that will cure not only the skin, but at the same time, body and mind. And this, without any toxicity or side effects, and no addiction. What more can we hope for in a treatment?


Root cause is central. Was your headache caused by a head trauma, excessive alcohol, sun, cold, anger or was it grief with frustration or disappointment or shame, or a hormonal change? Was it a side effect of medication? Did the cancer or Crohn's disease or chronic pain appear after an emotional shock ? How did you experience this shock ? Did you lose someone, a business, did you feel betrayed of shameful just before the symptoms started? Or was it a major loss of liquids after dehydration? The same is true for chronic and acute diseases. The emotional shock is such that it disturbs balance in the body. Homeostasis of the body is disrupted, latent disorders take place and the disease sets in. In my homeopathic practice, for 20 years, it is the deep understanding of the triggering factor, whether emotional or toxic or other, that allows me to properly select the remedy that will best allow the body to balance and to heal deeply, body and mind. I am eternally grateful to my teachers who allowed me to dive so deeply into the confines of homeopathy.

I remember a little boy I was treating in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. He was suffering from severe bronchitis, just diagnosed by the doctor I was teaming up via Global Outreach Doctors, the NGO which asked me to join them urgently. In a 3,000 feet high village in the Himalayas, and after a four-hour drive to get there, I meet this little boy and his father. The doctor tells me, "I would prescribe a good dose of antibiotics, what about you Ingrid? Any homeopathic remedy? I ask the father if his son has had bronchitis before. No. First cough ever. I ask the boy, "When did you start coughing? Telle me what happened and how you felt. He answers, "I was in the fields, just after the earth shook. " I was very scared. I ran and ran, and I started coughing. "

"What were you afraid of? "I was very scared for my grandmother who was in the house. I was very, very much afraid that the house would fall on her and hurt her. I was afraid she would suffer.” And he began to cry. Which indicates how deeply his heart was shaken by this emotion. Some people are so affected by the suffering of others that it makes them sick. When he arrived home, he found his grandmother dead in the rubble.

His father tells me he is extremely sensitive to people’s suffering, even of animals. It upsets him for the whole day. I immediately knew what remedy to give him. I put some pellets in a bottle of water, which I shook a few seconds and I gave to his father, telling him to give the boy a sip every ten minutes and come back to see me in an hour. When he returned, the child was 80% better. His breathing was much clearer and he was hardly coughing at all. The pain in his chest had completely disappeared and he was smiling for the first time since the earthquake, his father said. When we left the village, the bronchitis was 90% gone and he had not coughed at all. We left him some extra doses of the remedy and an antibiotic in case of need or loss of the pellets. I came back to camp feeling happy for this boy and to this day, I often wonder how he is doing. I send him good thoughts up there on his mountain. See my article When the earth shakes, the hearts tremble.


Infinitesimality is a unique way of preparing a homeopathic remedy with infinitely small doses of a substance. The initial substance is well potentiated, that is to say, diluted and shaken successively several times so that there remains only an infinitesimal, minimal dose of the initial substance. That's why today we can finally understand that energy is drawn from matter in the process. The immense power of the infinitely small is drawn. This is why a remedy like Cantharis, for burns, or Arnica for blows, or Hypecirum for nerve trauma, like a fall on the coccyx, will be effective within a few seconds. The right remedy in a chronic disease can stop it in a few days or weeks, as was the case for Diane, whose shingles disappeared in a few days (see video testimony) and for Alexandra, in whom herpes and HPV disappeared in less than a week.

For her part, Anne-Marie stopped suffering from Crohn's disease in less than two months and in a few days of a severe reaction to a conventional treatment. See also some of the healing testimonials on my Youtube channel:

In short, when I hear the litany about homeopathy that would be placebo, I think first of you, who may miss out on the best of yourself. Then I tell myself that homeopathy is really ahead of its time, in a North American society where the values ​​of a medical system are not always focused on the well-being of people first and foremost and at all costs.


A homeopathic treatment does not lie in the the pellet, in the quality of a specific remedy for a given diagnosis, but the quality of the similarity, the deep resonance between the person and the best suited remedy. A homeopathic remedy for a same diagnosis varies from one person to the next. As acupuncture is not just about needles but the expertise of putting them in the right place, and osteopathy requires the expertise of the osteopath, the homeopathic treatment will be effective only if the remedy, the strength and frequency of dosage are well selected by the homeopath. Otherwise, it's as an amateur archer shoots his arrow with his eyes closed hoping to reach the target. I often hear people say to me, "Oh yes! Arnica works great, it’s a fabulous remedy for injuries!” All the remedies are good. It is a matter of resonance and causality, and when the cause is a muscle injury, Arnica is easily selected. Causality is the blow, the wound. So obviously after a stroke Arnica will be very effective at healing the muscle bruise. But in a fall on the tailbone, Hypericum works better, and in cuts, Staphysagria... In acute and chronic diseases, the causality and totality of symptoms makes the right remedy a complex mystery that only professional and well trained homeopaths can unveil. The remedy will match on physical, physiological, mental and emotional levels. This is why the first consultation with the professional homeopath takes at least two to three hours and one hour for a follow-up.


Thousands of scientific studies on homeopathy reveal its effectiveness. "Between 1994 and 2015, we replicated 28 original studies on plants, animals and in vitro. How many times? 98 times, not less. And with positive results in 70% of replicas! The experiment on the allergic reaction of basophilic cells was repeated 17 times on its own and gave the same results 13 times. “ 

– Sources : Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec

Endler PC et al. (2015), "Replications of fundamental research models in ultra high dilutions 1994 and 2015 - update on a bibliometrics study", Homeopathy, 2015 Oct; 104 (4): 234-45.

Among the thousands of fundamental studies, here are a few major ones:

Iris Bell and nanoparticles:

Chikramane : Hormetic In Vitro Activation of Intracellular Nanoparticles:

Bastide et Lagache on information transfer in immunology

On meta-analyzes and systematic reviews:

Raak (AL): RS in dentistry, use Hypericum and Arnica for pain.

Dantas (Brazil): RS on the quality of pathogenesis published between 1945 and 1995.

Relton (UK): RS on prevalence of use of homeopathy in 11 countries including Canada.

Among the clinical trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathy

Peckman (UK): Efficacy of individualized treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

Jacobs (USA): Meta-analysis of clinical trials on the effect of individualized treatment in childhood diarrhea in Mexico.

China (FR): China for side effects of quinine in pregnant women in Benin.

Frass (Austria): evaluation of the efficacy of homeo in patients with severe sepsis in the intensive care unit.

Brulé (ON): Evaluation of ADHD treatment.

There are also preclinical studies on animals, veterinary agrohomeopathy, sociodemographic epidemiological studies, studies on health services such as in Brazil, (Marino) on the integration of homeoprophylaxis for dengue fever. In Israel, (Samuels) on the integration of homeopathy in an oncology department, in the Czech Republic (Krizoca) on the integration of homeo into primary health care since 2012 ... Homeoprophylaxis studies, observational studies, historical research, qualitative research ... Over the last 200 years, thousands of studies have accumulated to demonstrate evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathy. (Special thanks to Anne Taillefer Ph.D., homeopathic colleague and our precious reference in research.)

Hence, to claim homeopathy is a mere snake oil or placebo effect offered by water and sugar is, in fact, expressing basic ignorance and lack of thorough research on the subject.


I have been practicing homeopathy for two decades in Quebec, online and a few times for humanitarian work. I have witnessed fabulous results in chronic diseases, autoimmune, Crohn's disease, severe allergies, joint pain, from major menstrual cramps to severe endometriosis, hormonal disorders, skin disorders, digestive, neurological disorders, many types of disorders in children, major and minor infections, head trauma, physical and emotional trauma, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder following recent or distant events, infectious and tropical diseases... and even lice among more than 100 children in an orphanage in the Indian Himalayas! How many times I’ve heard : "Ah! that too can be cured with homeopathy?”

The benefits of homeopathy are so little known in North America. It is a medicine that primarily cares for the person as a whole and aims to restore physical balance and inner peace. So yes, homeopathy takes care of everything, when the vital energy allows it and when the homeopath can find the right remedy. It will not cure everyone in every condition, of course. But it can increase the quality of life in any type of physical and emotional suffering. When I worked with Guy Corneau, the very well known and late psychoanalyst who was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer in 2007, I once again witnessed the immense possibilities homeopathy offers. He relates his experience with my work in his book Revivre (Editions de l'Homme, 2010).

I can’t help rolling my eyes when I see reporters claiming that homeopathy is placebo. Still a lack of knowledge and research. More marketing-based, rather than science and intellectual honesty. But the saddest thing is all those suffering people who miss the opportunity to discover a medicine that can bring out the best of themselves.


After completing a bachelors degree in translation and linguistics, I was working on a Masters degree in the same field. I was 25 and pregnant with my daughter and a friend recommended a homeopath for morning sickness. Being already versed in yoga since the age of 13 and in vegetarianism at 15, I was very open to holistic healing and glad to treat my body and especially my little baby with care and love.

The homeopath, who would become my teacher and a friend that I greatly respect, asked me all kinds of questions that first amused me and had nothing, but nothing what so ever to do with nausea of ​​pregnancy. A great door opened for me that day.   Next day, no morning sickness, no sweating, no fatigue, even the intense dark chocolate cravings were gone. No trace!

Then into the seventh month of pregnancy, I was stung by a wasp on my right thigh, and I still thank that wasp today. A blessing in disguise. Three days later, the wound was infected. With my very long fingers, I could not even circle the scarlet, burning wound. I consulted a doctor who prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. I walked home in tears, I mean, crying buckets. I called my homeopath sobbing. "Geooooooorges! Antibiotics, 10 days, baby, what can I do? He calmly told me to take a dose of Apis Mellifica 30 CH and to take a second dose half an hour later, if the wound was not completely healed. And he hung up. “Say what?” I called back. There must be a misunderstanding…Just one dose of 30 CH, but there is a huge infection on my lap. I was prescribed 10 days…” He repeated the same thing: “One dose and one second as needed only.”

I bought the remedy, sat in a café on Saint-Denis street with my daughter's father and I let the pellets melt in my mouth. They had not even melted yet that the pain had gone. I saw the wound diminish until it was completely gone in less than half an hour. I was in awe. My jaw dropped and my eyes went back and forth from the tube to the thigh. I think I felt the sky open in my head and I probably heard a melodious Ahhhhhhhhhh! I was speechless. My life was changing before my eyes and I could see the homeopath I would become. “Gotta learn more about this thing! What are those? How come I did not know that earlier in my life?” (And today I thank God for having known this only at age 25!) A painful wasp sting that swelled into an infection that made me cry with pain and sadness and fear was actually one of most beautiful gifts of my life. We just never never know where pain is leading us.

There and then , I was hit by the first desire to study and understand this medicine.

The second stronger desire came when I gave birth like a charm with the help of homeopathy. My labour was a real joke. My friends did not even want to hear me talk about how quick, easy and painless it was.

The third time was when my daughter was one and a half, and I had pneumonia in my right lung. I was cured in less than three hours. That was the final blow. I dropped the master's degree to undertake five years of homeopathy, and for 22 years, continuing education each year. I'm happy with my choice, happy to see the results in my practice, with my patients, my relatives, my daughter whose asthma was cured at the age of two with a single dose of the remedy.

For more information on homeopathy, visit my website

You’ll find some emergency tips, some of the scientific studies, a little history, my radio shows on Radio Mieux-Être, videos testimonials of my patients on my YouTube channel and my videos tips. is rich in scientific litterature.

I wish you an excellent health and I invite you to send me your questions. It will be my pleasure to answer you.

Ingrid Schutt has been a unicist homeopath and a member of the S.P.H.Q. since 1998

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