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Bioresonance Therapy and Asthma

Introduction According to statistics provided by the Asthma UK Health Organisation, there are currently close to 5.5 million people in the United Kingdom receiving treatment for asthma. This cohort consists of 80% adults and 20% under the age of 18. Comparing this statistic to the total population in the United Kingdom,

Clinical effect, safety and mechanisms of BICOM 2000 system to asthma in children

allergen detection, clinical effect, safety in the near future and side effects of the Bicom 2000 system to asthma in children. 2. To explore the mechanism of Bicom 2000 to asthma through evaluation of the changes in serum levels of IL-4, tIgE and IFN-gamma before and after Bicom treatment. Methods

Specific environmental toxins in relation to the syndromes asthma, Parkinson’s and diabetes

blockages in the following therapies which I shall now present to you. BRONCHIAL ASTHMA In the past, asthma has generally been treated as follows. First parasitic infestation was considered, ostensibly Ascaris lumbricoides and especially Ascaris larvae and eggs. Quite often these are accompanied by other forms of

Clinical Observations of 300 Children Suffering from Asthma Treated with BICOM® 2000 Bio-Resonance Device

by Yang Jinzhi and Zhang Li The Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital Abstract: From May to December of 2003, the Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital introduced the Germany-made BICOM® 2000 to treat 415 children suffering from asthma, 300 of whom were treated with the desensitization method. The total effectiveness rate reaches

Treating 300 Cases of Childhood Asthma

Clinical Efficacy Observation of Treating 300 Cases of Childhood Asthma using the BICOM2000 Bioresonance Therapy Device  by Yang Jinzhi and Zhang Li Asthma Prevention and Research Center of Children's Hospital, Jinan [Abstract] In 2003, from May to December, 415 cases of childhood

Clinical study of treatment of allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis using BICOM 2000

in the allergy centre of the Second Hospital. The study comprised 2186 patients: 786 cases of allergic asthma and 593 cases of allergic rhinitis. Our overall results are summarised in the following table: Illustration of therapy success

Experience in treating bronchial asthma

med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen 1. INTRODUCTION Around 5 % of the adult population suffers from bronchial asthma. Those affected by it are becoming increasingly younger: up to 15 % of children suffer from this disorder, with bronchial asthma the most common chronic disorder in childhood. Boys are twice as likely to be

Useful empirical values for the treatment of asthma

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich THE CAUSES OF BRONCHIAL ASTHMA: HISTORY OF ITS DISCOVERY Therapists testing bioenergetically were largely responsible for discovering the cause of bronchial asthma. We can gain a valuable insight into the disease and its treatment by examining the history of its discovery. The first chapter in

New approaches in the treatment and rehabilitation of bronchial asthma patients

Olga V. Balakireva , I. V. Netschay* , Moscow INTRODUCTION Chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB) and bronchial asthma (BA) today represent a considerable problem for modern medicine (1). Relevant publications reveal that, in the last 10 years, the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has grown steadily. Treatment with drugs is not

Treatment of psoriasis with BICOM 2000 in the sanatorium

spolne bolezni [Skin diseases and venereal diseases], Ljubljana 2002, ISBN 961-238-058-9. Baklayan Alan E.: Das Asthma-Buch [The asthma book], München 2002, ISBN 3-442-14219-9. Baklayan Alan E.: Parasiten – die verborgene Ursache vieler Erkrankungen [Parasites – the hidden cause of many diseases], München 1999, ISBN 3-442-14163-X.

Clinical Observation for Treatment of Allergic Diseases

clinical observations were carried out on 154 patients suffering from allergic diseases (including allergic dermatitis, rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma). The results are reported as follows: Allergy is an abnormal immune response produced by the body when it comes into contact with outside allergens. Allergy may be a too strong reaction or

Bioresonance Therapy and The Incurable Diseases

while individuals with type II diabetes often experience numbness and pain in their hands and feet. Asthma – This is also a well-known disease that affects as much as 25 million people in the United States and causes asthma attacks in more than half of these patients. AIDS – This

Bioresonance Therapy And Bronchitis

the problem. Prescription drugs can include antibiotics, cough medicine and other types of medication such as allergy and asthma treatments. Mayo Clinic reports that patients with diagnosed chronic bronchitis can also opt for pulmonary rehabilitation in order to ease the symptoms of the condition. Bioresonance Therapy With smoking being the leading cause

Bioresonance Therapy And Chronic Disorders

referred to as multimorbidity. The most commonly diagnosed chronic illnesses include: Arthritis Asthma Diabetes Heart disease Obesity Osteoporosis Oral health conditions Alzheimer’s disease Lou Gehrig’s disease Cystic fibrosis Eating disorders

Bioresonance Device for Treatment of Allergic Diseases

clinical observations were carried out on 154 patients suffering from allergic diseases (including allergic dermatitis, rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma). The results are reported as follows: Allergy is an abnormal immune response produced by the body when it comes into contact with outside allergens. Allergy may be a too strong reaction or too weak reaction. It

Standardised method of treatment for allergy induced disorders

If one considers the histaminereactive system, the classification can quickly be filled with illnesses such as hay fever, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and allergic conjunctivitis. The illnesses of the serotoninreactive system are not as familiar or controversial, such as migraine, chronic neuritis, chronic gastritis, forms of colitis. These findings are based on the positive results

Are there evidence-based studies on the efficacy of the bioresonance method?

2 groups: 213 patients treated with BICOM, 87 patients with corticoids and anti-allergy medication. Study of patients with asthma. Study carried out by: Yang Jinzh and Zhang Li, Research Centre of the Jian Paediatric Clinic for the Prevention and Treatment of Asthma. The results of the treatment were classified after 6 months

Using bioresonance in an ENT practice: Remove polyps without operating?

of it spreading to the lower respiratory tract, i.e. the allergen 'jumps'. We are then dealing with bronchial asthma. Asthma is a disorder that is still incurable today and for which the symptoms can only be alleviated. Asthma need not present a major problem nowadays. Causal therapy carried out at an early stage can

Successful B ICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children

in practice, there are associations between strains and diseases. For example, we all know about cow's milk and asthma. The same hold for brain allergies as we shall discuss in the following sections. If the patient's resistance is high, they will recover faster as only a few treatments will be needed for the

The Science Behind Bioresonance

can be anxiety-provoking for some children and adults. BioResonance testing has been used diagnostically to identify various allergies, asthma, and eczema (i.e., atopic dermatitis) [3,4]. BioResonance techniques can also be used therapeutically. The concept of using electromagnetic energy to diagnose and treat disease and illness emerged early in the 20th century [5]. It

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