The BioVibes Solutions Home Kit.
The BioVibes Solutions Home Kit.

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This question was put to me by my friend Isabelle Miquelon, a Montreal actress. Here is my answer.

The dozens of electrosmog & health experts with whom I communicate regularly are wary of devices that are supposed to protect against all electromagnetic fields (EMFs). I think the cure that has the most potential is to eliminate the exposure, period, says physicist Paul Héroux, who teaches a course on the health effects of EMFs at McGill University's Faculty of Medicine, in Montreal, where he leads the occupational health program.

Studies show that there are several components of EMF exposure that are bioactive, adds Stéphane Bélainsky, director of the Quebec-based company 3E Electromagnetic Environmental Expertise. For example, a modern Wi-Fi router transmits in the 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) or 5 GHz band. These bands are pulsed each around 100 Hz and the information fixed on the band [on the carrier wave] is around 417 Hz. So we have one source, but several exposure factors with their potential effects sometimes very different. A smartphone has three different transmitting antennas …” Not to mention the various harmonic frequencies (multiples of the first) that people can also react to.

Nonetheless, people with electrohypersensitivity (EHS), who cannot tolerate life in a digital society constantly bathing in a cloud of microwaves, seek solutions to no longer live in hermits (solutions other than silver-lined clothing and other shielding devices sold by firms such as 3E). This was the case of the mother of Quebec businessman Pierre Nibart. “She suffered a lot of headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, and other symptoms whenever she was in the presence of a computer, a Wi-Fi router or a cell phone,” he explained in an interview. Mr. Nibart conducted a lot of research on the subject and tested with his mother various technologies that were supposed to protect from EMFs, without success. Then a friend told him about Russian shungite, a mineral containing fullerene carbon said to neutralize the biological effects of microwaves without preventing wireless communications. “I found this product interesting, especially since a few studies found them effective against EMFs. There was indeed a beneficial effect, but not 100%. So I pushed my research and developed a product based on shungite with a very high rate of carbon. Thus we managed to have an efficiency close to 100% in BioVibes products. My mother tried them and the result was almost miraculous! Her symptoms related to EMFs disappeared after a few days.”

However, Nibart admits some very hypersensitive people may initially experience fatigue or other symptoms when they start using these products. “It's normal and actually quite positive, it indicates that BioVibes are effective for that person. Your immune system is used to compensating for the effect of microwaves on your body, and suddenly, nothing to compensate. For sensitive people this sometimes requires a time of adaptation. We recommend they use the devices gradually and we offer regular custom follow-ups when requested.

Independent tests 

Since Pierre Nibart wished to validate the effectiveness of his products with an independent researcher, I referred him to British physicist and electrical engineer Cyril W. Smith, an EHS and EMF expert and co-author of the famous book Electromagnetic Man, first published in 1989 (review by New Scientist). He tested various BioVibes products for six months. According to his report, they emit coherent frequencies (superimposed waveforms) that eliminated the inhibition of yeast growth caused by the incoherent frequencies emitted by a computer, a cell phone and a Wi-Fi router. “A coherent frequency can have a biological effect, Smith told us by email. Coherence also concerns the phases of rotation of the waves, Pierre Nibart explains: Natural waves that are harmless to the body move in space with a rotation to the right (spin or dextrorotatory torsion) that allows them to pass through cells without causing damage. Manmade EMFs, on the other hand, usually swirl to the left (laevogyre spin), injuring cells they penetrate, and over time exhaust the immune system, which must continually repair this damage.

In Moscow, there is a room containing five tons of shungite where sick, stressed or tired people can recover, according to This same site and display a scientific study¹ which concludes that, although it scatters EMFs
by diffraction, Shungite is not a panacea. Nonetheless, it eliminated the increases in red blood cells (immune response) caused by exposure to dextrorotatory (right rotation) 37 GHz microwaves, but only attenuated by 30% the harmful effects of levorotatory (left spin) frequencies. This probably had to do with the fact that most living things on Earth tend to exhibit right-side orientation’’, wrote the authors.
Moreover, it must be remembered that each individual is unique and reacts differently. One's medicine can be another’s poison. Some Quebeckers who tested the Biovibes technology felt no effect, others reacted badly. For his part, Paul Héroux remains skeptical: “The vast majority of telecom waves are not circularly polarized”, but linear, non rotating². In addition, benefits felt by some may diminish over time, according to Cyril Smith who concludes: “Shungite should block the effects of the computer, the mobile phone and other fields emitted by electronic devices such as smart meters. However, a living system is a dynamic system that adapts to its environment. This results in decreasing returns for any therapeutic frequency. The degree of protection obtained therefore requires constant checks and balances. Users may think that they are protected all the time and against all electromagnetic fields and thus get a false sense of security that encourages the overuse of their cell phone or tablet. Frequency neutralizations are simply palliative. If you are hypersensitive, you need to detox chemicals that poison you. And since we are all more or less electrosensitive, white zones must be provided without any chemical or electromagnetic pollution, where everyone can recover.”
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